Teachers or Teachers at Heart……..Want to teach the youth something that can help?

Interns…….. Did you know you can write for a magazine and earn credit while in school?

Business Owners……….. Do you want to advertise for your company?

Inspiring Writers……..Have you heard about something in the community happening?

Poets….. Do you love to write poetry and want to share?

We are African American People succeeding. Many people want to see change, but few step out to make this change happen.  This magazine is that change.  We represent the African American People Succeeding. God has brought us this far for a reason and we do not plan to turn back. This is not a religious magazine, but we step out on faith to make changes in the community.

We want to discuss what is going on in life. Write about moving on from our mistakes and learning from our mistakes. If you want to see a change you have to be the change. Tell us what’s on your mind and we will tell you what is on ours.

Join the MOVEMENT. Positive change in the community will not happen without the efforts of the community making a change. Let’s go back to true southern hospitality. We offer you internships, advertising, and modeling opportunities.

We are those few people looking for change and helping make that change in the community.

Who are we, DeMo Harris LLC.  Whether you see DeMo Harris LLC around South Carolina making amazing changes in the community or South Carolina AMPS magazine, you will know it’s a positive change.

Our company’s goal is to help you as a small business owner advertise your company and let South Carolina know who you are. We are here for our youth asking them to write in, join the contest, write the articles they want to see published, and even be a celebrity for a day.  Success is in your hands.

This is our first act of change in the community asking today’s youth to tell us about themselves and write articles on several topics. These articles will win you opportunities to be published and featured on the cover of the magazine.

Join the MOVEMENT.  We are here and do not plan to leave. We are DeMo Harris LLC, doing business as AMPS Magazine. We represent African American People Succeeding and DeMo-strate successful business and change in the community.

Do you want to see change?

Do you love to write?


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