How to be Successful!

In the year of 2010 Trey Songs released a very popular song named Successful. In the song he states how he wants the money, cars, and clothes. However, is that what makes a person successful? To some being successful does mean having the money, cars, and clothes.

This is not entirely wrong. When one is successful they can acquire money, cars, and clothes; however, those are a result of being successful not the reason the person is successful.

By definition success is the accomplishment of a goal or purpose. Therefore, if your goal is to obtain the money, cars, and clothes then your next step is to figure out what actions you need to take to accomplish that goal. Once you have figured out what actions are needed, your next step is to figure out if there are any obstacles that will prevent you from achieving your goal. If there are obstacles devise a plan that will help you overcome those obstacles.

Do not forget about your resources; such as, job fairs if money and finding a job is an issue, or consider getting extra help after school if your goal is earning a higher grade in a particular class, etc.

Finally, once you have your plan on how to achieve your goals it is time to put your plan into action. Depending on your goal it may take a while to achieve your goal; however, do not become discouraged. Each obstacle you overcome counts as a success. In other words, regardless of how big or small your goals are the closer you get to accomplishing those goals you still are an image of success.

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