How to be Successful!

In the year of 2010 Trey Songs released a very popular song named Successful. In the song he states how he wants the money, cars, and clothes. However, is that what makes a person successful? To some being successful does mean having the money, cars, and clothes. This is not entirely

Best Ways to Enjoy Summer

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The Celtics delivered a nice pack

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Teachers or Teachers at Heart……..Want to teach the youth something that can help? Interns…….. Did you know you can write for a magazine and earn credit while in school? Business Owners……….. Do you want to advertise for your company? Inspiring Writers……..Have you heard about something in the community happening? Poets….. Do you love to

Take Action: Community Leaders

WWW.LETSMOVE.GOV Neighborhood organizations and faith-based groups are well positioned to initiate and coordinate activities to encourage healthy living and well being. Trusted leaders in communities and congregations can empower families and communities to make better choices to improve the health of our nation’s children.   Mrs. Obama

Infinite Yoga, LLC

    Why did I decide to teach yoga? I began practicing yoga in 2000.   The practice of yoga helped me feel better in all areas of my life…physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. I had several chronic health issues in my life. Yoga helped me manage these and heal in ways that other