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AMPS: “How to make relationships work?”


Neither the male nor female really know how to make relationships work, so many often learn about relationships trough trial and error. Neither party wants to make a mistake in a relationship, but relationships take work from both the male and female, no one is perfect.

The wording of the questions also change views of the male and females across South Carolina. If you ask “How do you make a relationship work: you can only picture the look on ones face, but try to rephrase this. How do you work on a relationship, in order to assist in it lasting longer?” We asked Males and female of ages 30 and up and then the responses were clearer.

Males from the age of 21-29 did not feel they knew how to respond how to make a relationship work and others were like they do not.

Some said to give the male of female party space. In relations ships we often smoother each other. You often have to take time away from each other, but how true is this? Does it depend on the relationship, yes? If this person is your best friend you love to spend time together. Each person has to know the other in the relationship. As long as you know and respect their boundaries it can work out.

There is no wrong or right to how to make, or work though relationships. The views provided show that the opposite sex is attracted to their opposite, but how true is this? You may often want someone with the same likes and dislikes as you and wonder how wills this work out.


Some women refuse to change who they are in order to work through a relationship. How can you not want to change your ways and then say I don’t understand why this relationship is not working. It is amazing how to often both parties may feel it is the other person fault that the relationship failed or is not working.


Ask yourself this “How can you make a relationship work,” but be honest with yourself, you can’t force a relationship to work. At the end of the day what is meant to be will happen.

One thing became clear, relationships take time and patience. True devotion in any relationship, communication, and love can help bond a relationship together. With the right foundation and patience a relationship should not fail.

By, D. Harris

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